Event Mobile App is a solution that aids the event organizers/planners in driving the audience from event registration, event check-in to event promotion and reporting.

Event App is running at breakneck speed. And in order to survive in the market, every company/organizer must leap and bound with the pace of evolved technology.

However, do you really know what benefits you can reap from using a good event management application?

Let’s explore some breakthrough advantage of working with the event app and its dashboard:
Five Reasons To Use Mobile Event Apps

Easy Registration for Attendees to attend the Event

Event app seems prolific when the hassle of distributing, collecting and managing your registrations becomes tranquil.

Registration through event app reduces efforts to a large extent and makes the task simpler.

  • Attendees provides basic contact information to register
  • Listing number of registered users will attract more users
  • Planning of schedule, reminders, alerts, venue details, time can be done easily
  • Keeps all attendees updated at real time with app notification and email communication

All the above points are easily achievable with only few steps of sign up for the event and attendees can join the event in minutes.

Manage your crowd easily

How many attendees, speakers, sponsors, event teams will you have?

How many back-and-forth of the emails will you do to keep them aligned?

How can you manage the last-minute changes to be informed in one shot?

Event App is the solution that brings your crowd together and updates all.

  • Attendees will get all the latest update in minutes through app
  • They can go through the speaker’s info, can raise their questions, can directly chat with them and remain in touch with them
  • Speakers can understand the real time scenario by fetching information from the app
  • They get more publicity through the app
  • Sponsors get a huge platform to market themselves
  • Greater visibility of each venues, location, floor plan, schedule details everything

On-event Social Media

Event app is your ally not only before the event, but also at the event itself and post event too.

  • Attendees get to know more about the event once registered
  • They can go through all the social media links of the speakers mentioned in their profile listing
  • Crowd can share / publicize more about the event through social media
  • They can post pictures, do discussion while the event is on

This gives your event a huge visibility among the crowd that’s not present at the venue.

Event Planners can demonstrate the success of the event by posting the pictures, live feed, or recordings at the later stage as well.


Event planners should go with the right budget template before jumping into controlling budget for your event.

Check out event budget template and identify what suits best for you.

It also necessary to prepare the right budget plan that does not go wrong at any cost.
Cutting cost and not corners is what every planner/organizer are looking for.

You can also go through the tips for event budget plan to reduce your stress level and make the best use of event app.

Event app will help you reduce your event cost in many aspects: 

  • Go green app
  • Saves paper cost
  • Saves printing cost
  • No extra burden in updating your customers, clients, attendees, teams
  • Reduce cost in marketing/enhancing visibility of the event.

Track & Analyse Event Success

  • For most event planners, the central pressure is to justify ROI accessing the details of ticket sales, leads, cost, and profits
  • Besides cost cutting, you will find the analyses very helpful when it comes to getting event sponsorship

You might be constantly striving to bring your events to the next level.

To remain competitive, you should better start surfing out several apps available in the market, and cherry-pick the most suitable one to your needs.

EventRAFT is one such event mobile app developed to ease the event planner’s task for conducting event of any scale. Gets ready in minutes and covers almost all the features necessary for your event at a very affordable price.

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